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Start Here Self love comes from the ground up. It comes from the inside out. All of the things we post and re-post all of the time on social media are saying one solid message;…

Nourish This Crazy Wild Garden

An open letter to my love.

“Can I just say that I love you. I am so thankful for you. Thank you for not constricting me or putting me in any kind of box. You are the first person in my life who hasn’t tried to fit me into something I’m not in order to understand me. And in fact you water this crazy wild garden with an abundance of love. I am so appreciative of you. Thank you so much for loving me.”

I am being nourished. Someone is pouring unhindered love into me like one of those ever-flowing lady with the bucket fountains. For the first time in my life, I’m in a relationship with freedom. With someone who encourages me. With someone who seems to love me for being wholly and completely me. No changes required. Nothing to contort into.

Feeling thankful today for being poured into after having so much depleted from me. Wanted to share the overflow.

The River Flows

I’m traveling down the river in a nice solid motorboat. It’s not huge, but it’s a decent enough size to feel safe and comfortable. The water is smooth, and I dip my hands in and feel the cool rush, watch it run over my hands, gracefully, peacefully. I’m not alone. My partner is right there beside me, smiling and steering our boat.

Suddenly, a storm starts moving in, the water starts getting choppy, smacking against the side of the boat. My hands are now firmly on the steering wheel while my partner steadies the motor and tries to find a resting place for us to weather to storm. We can’t find one. The water gets rougher. We end up in tangled upturned tree roots, and he jumps out leaving me alone in the boat. In a burst of lightning and clap of thunder, my the boat shrinks to a kayak. I am helpless, alone, and weak in my kayak. The storm continues pushing me through, creating the only forward momentum as I can’t muster any strength to propel myself. After a long while, the storm finally clears. I don’t recognize anything around me. Everything is foreign. I paddle the boat to a soft grassy patch of land. I climb out, stand there for a moment, bewildered, and then start creating a space for myself. I surround myself with a circle of familiar items, sit down in the middle, pull my knees up to my chest and cry.

A summary of the last 3 years of my life.

Lost. almost all the time these days.

Sometimes hopeful. Sometimes dreaming. But mostly scratching and clawing for a new path to stick.




The ongoing river of life twists and turns, and sometimes gets you tangled up in gnarly roots of trees and harsh storms. You’re forced to be resourceful to make it through. Sometimes it’s just too much.

So I listen to ABBA Gold on my record player, dance around my apartment and momentarily forget about the hurricane that’s still swirling around me. I’m in the center. The calm space. I throw my arms in the air, I fouetté, pirouette, and twirl; my hair is flying up around me. Looking up I see the light above me in the center. The dark clouds around it start to widen, letting me see more and more light. I stop moving and keep staring up.

Still no path. Still unsure. Still alive. Still loving. Still dreaming. Still.



Are you a Guest on Earth?

When I’m a guest in someone’s home, I try to be quiet and non-disruptive, walk softly, clean up after myself, make my bed in the morning, take extra care not to chip glasses or be rough on things that are not mine, and work diligently to leave things a little better than when I came into the home. I usually do this by leaving a cheery thank you note on the bed for the host or hostess, cleaning one thing extra if I can find anything that might need it, like dusting the windowsill or fluffing up the pillows.

I now realize I approach planet Earth in much the same way. For my entire life, I’ve wanted to protect this wonderful place we inhabit together. I’ve treated it with as much respect as I can muster, and my version of that is treading lightly.

Truly, I am but a temporary guest. We all are. Although what I’ve noticed over the years is that many don’t see it that way. They see it as theirs to treat as they please, with little regard to its overall well-being.

I think this is deeply rooted in the belief that human existence is the only one that matters. Also, the inevitability of death is too much for most of us, so it’s also easier to pretend we’ll live forever and go on living and making plans as if that were true.

But what is that doing to the planet? Has my 30 years of walking softly made any difference? I work really hard to be conscientious, but if it’s so much work, doesn’t that mean there’s a systemic problem? Also, I’m fully aware that while I will sacrifice and work hard to do this, most will not.

In business one of the first things you learn is to systemize. Everything has to have a system, a set way that it’s done, otherwise things will have no consistency. I apply this to so much of my life.

We need better systems. The ones we have in place are outdated and don’t take into account the number of changes we’ve had since current legislation was put into place. But in order to get in front of it, the systems need to apply to the beginning of the supply chain, not just the end.

It goes so much farther past changing lightbulbs and wearing eco-friendly clothes.

None of this is new knowledge. It’s pretty much the thing environmentalist and activists across all subjects usually fight for; improving systems.

The question for me is, how am I going to improve my impact? How do I help create the right systems so that it’s part of normal life and people don’t have to do anything extra? They don’t have to think about it because that’s just the way it is.

These are just my early morning thoughts today as I’m currently treading water, barely keeping my head above it.

Mediocre Cupcake

The hubs and I were out riding our bikes (bicycles) yesterday evening around our town. We absolutely love our bikes! We ride to the little downtown area near where we live, sometimes to dinner, and sometimes on trails together. He’s way into mountain bike riding but seeing as how I’m not, this is what we do together. We’re like little kids racing around giggling and peddling. On a whim we decided try this cupcake shop. We thought, maybe because they specialize in cupcakes it might be good and we need to raise his blood sugar anyway. We go in and they have nothing vegan so we say ok that’s fine let’s try one anyway. I get a gluten free mango one, and he gets double chocolate, then the girl tells us they’re buy 2 get one free so we pick a strawberry one. She boxes them up and we sit outside to nosh.
So disappointing. His was dry, and mine had no flavor. It’s like they rely solely on the sugar content for flavor. I had to drink so much water because it was so sweet. I never eat that stuff and now I definitely won’t be eating there again. It’s so disappointing when they only have 6 flavors they make, only 1 is gluten free, none are vegan or even specialized in any way, and they’re not even good. I don’t predict they will last long and what saddens me is that I’m probably wrong. So many people are so addicted to sugar that they’ll likely think those are such amazing cupcakes. I really hope that’s not the case but I guess we shall see.

Happy Child Health Day!

This holiday was developed to help raise awareness if children’s health and child obesity prevention. It was started in 1928 by president Coolidge, and there’s discrepancy on when it changed from May 1st to the first Monday in October but either way it’s a pretty cool national observance day. Organizations that are geared towards promoting health in children have all sorts of activities happening for this holiday. There’s a wide range of issues covered from prenatal care, to adolescence, immunization, development, exercise, diet, and even preventing injury.

Think about the kids in your life and see if you can come up with anything to make it a healthy one for them!

Happy child health day!

Quick-Marinated Cherry Tomato Salad (GF) (V)

This sounds delicious!

fueled by vegetables

Quick Marinated Cherry Tomato SaladQuick-Marinated Cherry Tomato Salad (GF) (V)
The ingredients:
1 pint red cherry tomatoes
1 pint yellow cherry tomatoes
1/2 red onion, thinly sliced
1/4 cup olive oil
3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
3 tablespoons minced fresh parsley
1 heaping tablespoon vegan pesto (same as normal pesto but with Rice Dream Parm)
1/4 teaspoon brown sugar
1 clove garlic, pressed
Salt and fresh ground black pepper
1 head iceberg lettuce, cut into chunks
The method:
  1. Halve the tomatoes and add them to a large zipper bag with the sliced red onion. Add the olive oil, balsamic, parsley, pesto, sugar, garlic and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Seal the bag, getting all the air out. Place into the fridge until ready for dinner.
  2. Place the iceberg lettuce in a large bowl and pour on the tomatoes. Toss and serve! (The dressing from the tomatoes becomes the salad dressing.)

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